World’s First Amphibious Ice Cream Truck Serves The Thames

HMS Flake 99 image

The HMS Flake 99 will serve British ice cream lovers on both land and sea, as it’s the world’s first amphibious ice cream van.

According to Washington DC Acura Dealers, the Flake 99 is currently trawling the Tames, serving up ice cream treats from Cadbury. In addition to satisfying London’s cravings, plans are in the works to bring the vehicle to other vacation beach cities, or even Venice, Italy.

Dave Mounfield image“We are now considering taking the remarkable vehicle across the Channel and onto the canals of Venice to champion Britain’s beaches and give our continental cousins the ultimate taste of the British summertime,” said Jenny Bostock, spokeswoman for Fredericks, the maker of the Flake 99.

Stand-up comedian David Mounfield is responsible for dreaming up an amphibious ice cream truck, said Connecticut Acura. Mounfield noticed that ice cream trucks began to disappear after London enacted noise pollution bans in many residential neighborhoods. But now, thanks to the Flake 99 and its “License to Chill,” ice cream lovers in London now have a floating ice cream truck they can rely on.

You won’t be seeing any of these at CT Acura anytime soon.

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