The Future of Cars (in the past): Concept Cars of Yesteryear

Although many  of these concept cars were never intended to be produced, some were built for testing purposes and for track use only.  Do you ever think about what we will be driving in 2050? According to Acura Dealer Fairfax, we have yet to see what car enthusiasts will create for the next generation. For now, take a look at the “past” future concept cars:

1938 Phantom Corsair – Rust Heinz created one of the most fascinating coupes, which provided enough room to fit six-passengers. The estimated selling price for 1938 was approximately $12,500. Production on this vehicle was completed, but was never sold due to the death of Heinz.

Pink Panther Limo – Does this automobile look familiar? You should be able to recognize it because it’s from the  original Pink Panther show! Not only is this 23 foot limo an eye catcher, but also came with a  full furnished interior. One step inside the Pink Panther Limo and your guests sat on the “love couch”. Making it such a fun limo!

1954 GM XP-21 Firebird I – Are you ready to take flight? This Firebird concept car only seats 1 passenger inside, similar to a jet-like cockpit.  It’s huge engine makes up for its small interior. With a 370 horsepower Whirlfire GT-302 Turbo power gas engine, it proved to be a legacy.

1958 Ford X2000 – Would you drive this vehicle? Ford believed this design might be driven by the year 2000. You may want to reconsider Ford’s unique features. Its 1950s “Jetson” exterior resembled rocket tail-lights that made it stand out in a good way.

1951 Buick XP-300 image

1951 Buick XP-300 – Designed alongside the Buick LeSabre, the XP-300 shared many of the same components, but the two cars differed in their design. The XP-300 was simpler, and looked like more of a traditional sports car. The LeSabre on the other hand was great-lined influenced by jet plane design. The other more notable feature of the XP-300 concept was its 300 horsepower supercharged V8 that helped the experimental car achieve a speed of 140 mph.

1954 Pontiac Strato Streak image

1954 Pontiac Strato Streak Concept – Arguably a predecessor to today’s “four-door coupes” such as the Mercedes CLS or Volkswagen CC, 1954 Pontiac Strato Streak Concept car had a short, sloping roof-line that resembled a coupe more so than traditional sedan and didn’t have a pillar between the front and rear doors like most cars. Its long wheelbase and short height also added to its unusual proportions.

Lincoln Futura image

1955 Lincoln Futura – Built by hand in Italy, the Lincoln Futura made the auto show rounds in the mid-1950s to show off Ford’s ability to design acumen. Despite its impractical design and outrageous cost ($250,000 in the ‘50s), the Futura was able to grab a significant amount of publicity and proved to be a successful show car – albeit a very unlikely road car.

1959 Cadillac Cyclone Concept image

1959 Cadillac Cyclone Concept – During the 1950s, Americans were crazy about designs that were influenced by airplanes. Evidence of this can be seen in a number of concepts introduced in the ‘50s, including the Cyclone. Powered by a conventional engine, the Cyclone reported performed well, which is rare for concepts. Unlike other concepts that have been scrapped or lost over the years, the Cyclone can still be seen today on display at GM’s Heritage Center.

1969 Buick Century Cruiser image

1969 Buick Century Cruiser – In the 50’s and 60’s not only were many concepts influenced by airplanes, but space travel was also an inspiration. The Buick Century Cruiser concept was a perfect example, with large canopy with DeLorean-like doors and some unique features that weren’t quite functional, such a punch card with programmed routes that would be used to navigate the vehicle.

1964 GM RunaboutEnjoy a small, three-wheel hatchback that is an amazing commuter car. Two passengers could ride along and be entertained by the front wheel that could turn 180 degrees, allowing you to fit in the most compact space.

1984 Honda HP-X – Trying to prove Honda’s popularity, the Pininfarina Company created the  stylish  Honda Pininfarina Xperimental. Mostly, powered by 2.0-l V6 engine.

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  2. George H says:

    Early Corvette Competitor: When I was a kid, we lived across the street from an eccentric author; Nelson Algren. I never really talked w/ him, but mowed his lawn a few times. In his driveway, under a tarp and never driven, as far as I know, was what I remember to have been a corvette – like bodied car; pre 1955 I think. What I recall were either Pontiac type or Oldsmobile type tail lights.
    Is my memory mistaken or did olds or pontiac ever make a stab at producing a corvette like car?

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  4. sky says:

    there is some wicked cars that will be in the future i want that pink car

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    i love the future i cant wait till they come out ill be buying one when i have the cash

  6. Denise says:

    Is tihs like your corsair?

  7. Denise says:

    This looks like a really exotic car.

  8. Denise says:

    This is a moderation of my comment about this exotic car.

  9. Denise says:

    This concept car is really great – Can I get one of each? Where can I buy one?

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