Porsche Unveils the 2012 Cayman R

The new Porsche Cayman R and some friends.

What better way to unveil the 2012 Cayman R than to celebrate the brand’s first U.S. model: the 356.

While not on stage with the new car, the blue 356 on display is the first one sold in America, bought by Peter Cunningham, who promptly brought it to California.

The Cayman R boasts less weight–a little over 160 pounds less–and more horsepower–330, 10 more than the S model–which makes it the most powerful of the Cayman or Boxster models.

Sport tuned suspension and a locking differential round things out in a car that new Porsche Chairman Mattias Mueller says is “a notch faster” than the Cayman S. Top speed is 175 mph.

Porsche 356_2

First Porsche 356 sold in America.

Arriving at dealers in time for Christmas, you can put one under your tree for the tidy sum of $66,300 at Greensboro Porsche Dealers and other dealers in the U.S..

Compare that with the 356′s 55 horsepower and 99 mph top speed. Porsche has moved through its first 60 years in the U.S. pretty quickly.

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