BMW Group Reports Strong Third Quarter Sales

BMW 2 series convertibleBMW Group has reported its third quarter sales, which rose 5.8 percent when compared to the third quarter of 2013, thanks to strong demand for BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce vehicles. Total units sold during the quarter were 509,669 vehicles, versus the 481,657 units delivered to consumers during the third quarter of the previous year. The company was able to maintain a commanding position globally as a leader in the premium vehicle segment, despite fierce competition from multiple others. The Group also saw increases in its net profit, profit before tax, and profit before financial result figures, helping boost its financial position.

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Nissan Continues to Champion EV Cause

2015 Nissan LEAFAlthough one giant Japanese automaker in the shape of Toyota has now abandoned the EV as a part of its vision for the future of sustainable mobility, Nissan is continuing to champion the cause of EVs with sales of the segment-leading LEAF continuing to soar. Even though many manufacturers are still struggling to make a mark with their electric-only vehicles, the folks at your Kingston Nissan Dealer will tell you that the LEAF is now closer to being a mainstream part of the business than many people would have believed so soon in its life.

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New Chevrolet Propulsion System to be Unveiled

2016 Chevrolet Volt Voltec Propulsion System ComponentsThere are a number of key challenges that face manufacturers when trying to develop vehicles that use electricity either exclusively, or as part of a hybrid propulsion system. With models that are able to run exclusively on electricity, like the Volt that you can buy from the team at Chevrolet Waipahu, range is one of the most difficult issues to address. That’s why it will be great news for Chevy dealers that a new propulsion system for the Volt is being unveiled by the U.S. auto giant at the upcoming North American International Auto Show in January.

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Kia Pushes Teen Driver Safety Program

KKia Motors America is helping push a joint teen driver safety program it has put together along with Be Responsible and Keep Everyone Safe (Brakes). The two organizations are actually expanding their cooperative agreement so that even more classes can be given to teens in the United States, covering a larger geographical portion of the country. Officially, Kia is the presenting sponsor and Official Vehicle of the Brakes Teen Pro-Active Driving School. Tacoma Kia points out that during National Teen Driver Safety Week, about 200 teens received defensive driving instruction behind the wheel of a new Kia model. So far, about 12,000 teenagers have graduated from the Brakes training program. Included in the instruction is an emergency braking training, distracted driving exercise, skid-control practice, and evasive maneuvering instruction.

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New MX-5 Miata: A Lesson in Design from Mazda

Springfield Mazda imageIt’s always exciting to hear about an all-new generation of a great car coming out, especially when it’s a two-seater sports car. But how often are you disappointed when even an ‘all-new’ model turns up looking like little more than a modest updating of the old car? That scenario is often the case these days, especially when the car is a very successful model already. However, the folks at Springfield Mazda don’t have to worry about any such reactions when they finally get hold of the next generation of the iconic MX-5 Miata, as the new look has already been revealed by the manufacturer, and it really is quite a looker.

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Hyundai Holds Run/Walk Cancer Benefit


Through Hope on Wheels, Hyundai is holding a 5K Run/Walk event as part of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Proceeds from the event go toward pediatric cancer research efforts that are being conducted at the Hyundai Cancer Institute at CHOC Children’s. The event has been planned for Sunday, September 28 at 7:00 a.m. and will be held at the Fountain Valley Sports Park that is in Miles Square Park.

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Hyundai Announces New Loyalty Program

Hyundai Dealer San Francisco imageLoyalty schemes are nothing new to most of us, but with the auto industry always ready to jump on just about any bandwagon that looks successful, it’s surprising that automakers haven’t been running them since the outset. Hyundai is renowned as a manufacturer that likes to step away from the crowd from time to time, which is why it probably won’t have been too much of a shock to the guys at your Hyundai Dealer San Francisco that it has announced its own program. Called somewhat unimaginatively, Hyundai Rewards, the comprehensive engagement program is designed to reward owners for shopping online and servicing their vehicles at dealerships participating in the scheme.

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Another European Ford Set to Cross the Atlantic

Car Dealership in Lansing Selling 2015 Ford Fusion (2)While the big news is all about the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang finally going completely global next year, another iconic model looks set to cross the Atlantic, but this one could be coming in the opposite direction. While a number of European Fords have made considerable impressions over here in the last few years, we still haven’t been given one of the most exciting models the U.S. auto giant produces on the other side of the pond. If you are a Car Dealership in Lansing Selling 2015 Ford Fusion, Fiesta and Focus you will already know how great these European-derived models are, but even though we have enjoyed ST versions of the Fiesta and Focus, we have yet to be given the chance to get our hands on the ultimate Focus, the RS.

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Video-enabled Valet Modes Debuts for 2015 Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette Valet ModeCorvette customers at Moline Chevrolet, along with those across the nation, are known for sharing a particularly deep passion for the sports-car flagship from the Bowtie brand. That’s something the team at Chevy understands very well, and it helps explain the introduction of one of the newest technologies for the car: An innovative “valet mode” that can record video, in-cabin audio and vehicle-performance data for the owner’s future review.

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Toyota Selects Corgan for new Headquarters Design

0001_AHF_Lentz-1Toyota has officially selected Corgan, an architecture firm based in Dallas, as the lead architect for the construction of its new North American headquarters. The automaker is relocating its main campus to the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, marking the beginning of a new era. That campus will house numerous employees to help manage retailers like Salem Toyota Dealer and coordinate other efforts to promote the brand in the region.

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