New Package Helps XTS Target Livery Customers

Since its launch, the brand-new Cadillac XTS has become the choice of a growing number of individual drivers who demand world-class levels of full-size luxury—with more than 90 percent of XTS sales going to such customers. Now, to build off of that success, as well as meet high demand from another quarter, Cadillac has launched a special W20 Livery Package for the XTS aimed at reaching upscale car services and fleet operators.

The W20 Livery Package starts with the XTS Platinum Edition to ensure a premium environment inside and out, then adds features like heated rear seats, rear-window sunshades, a power inverter for charging mobile devices, and a full-function nav setup integrated into its CUE connectivity/infotainment system.

“XTS represents a new approach to luxury, centered on advanced technology and design,” said Don Butler, vice president of marketing for Cadillac. “This same approach extends to Professional Vehicles, where we are bringing a new formula to the livery customer. Every experience in a Cadillac, front seat or rear seat, meets a higher standard for luxury, performance and technology.”

And Butler isn’t the only one raving about the new XTS for fleet customers. According to Used Cars Indianapolis, Gary Kessler, president and CEO of Carey International, recently put 24 potential choices through the wringer in his search for a new flagship for “the global leader in chauffeured services.” And he ended up liking the XTS so much that his company ordered 150 of them.

“Our customers wanted approachable luxury and enabling technology,” he said. “We chose the XTS as the cornerstone of the Carey brand because it represented the perfect combination of power, luxury, technology and sophistication that our customers desire and demand today.”

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