Google Drives Toward An Automated Future

Minority Report automated car image

Google just announced that it has developed cars that drive themselves automatically in traffic. The announcement comes not long after Google CEO Eric Schmidt hinted that there’s a transition ahead for how people use computers and their cars together.

“Your car should drive itself. It just makes sense,” Schmidt said at TechCrunch Disrupt. “It’s a bug that cars were invented before computers.”

What’s remarkable is that Google’s self-driving cars have been testing on the streets of California for months. Taking steps far beyond the mere hypothetical, this technology makes the self-driving cars of Minority Report a reality.

After hiring engineers with experience in this time of automation, Google tested the vehicles on 140,000 miles of California road, from Silicon Valley to Santa Monica. According to Springfield Mazda Dealer, While testing, one person sits in the driver seat ready to grab control of the vehicle if necessary, while on the passenger side an engineer monitors software operations on a computer.

For those that have doubts about the reliability of the software, Google argues that the entire purpose of the project was safety. By devising a system that reduces human error, Google believes that the technology could dramatically reduce the number of automobile-related deaths. Thanks to more careful and precise operation, compared to human driving, these cars may also be helpful in reducing traffic congestion and curbing overall fuel consumption.

If these cars become the way of the future, drivers will be able to spend less time driving on their commute and more time being productive or entertained, thanks to in-car wireless Internet. After all, this technology would probably come with easy access to Google products anyway.

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