First Glimpse Of The 2011 Suzuki Swift

2011 Suzuki Swift image Suzuki has just released the first images of the new 2011 Swift. This attractive subcompact boasts more power, more MPG, and more interior space than before, but unfortunately it is not yet destined for the U.S. market.

The third generation Suzuki Swift is slated to arrive in Europe later this year. For 2011, the new Swift maintains its rather modest dimensions, but offers even more power via its 1.2-liter four cylinder engine. Producing 93 horsepower, this small but mighty unit features variable valve timing on both the intake and exhaust cams to squeeze out every little bit of juice possible.

Read more about the 2011 Suzuki Swift on Suzuki in the News.

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One Response to First Glimpse Of The 2011 Suzuki Swift

  1. Louis says:

    How does the new swift with autotransmission drive? I cant find anything about it, does it shift the gears alright or what?

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