BMW vs. Audi Billboard Wars: A Chronology

BMW vs Audi billboard war image

BMW and Audi are two German rivals that have always been fond of taking shots at each other – that’s nothing new. But this rivalry has spawned a new battle where creativity and ad budgets are the weapons.

According to Audi Huntington Beach, It all started with a billboard in Los Angeles, CA. This seemingly innocent ad along Santa Monica Blvd. started a steady game of advertising one-upmanship that has included different media, and has even spread around the world.

Where it All Began

Audi Chess billboard image

The battle began in California last April when Audi erected a billboard for the new Audi A4 with the caption “Chess? No Thanks, I’d rather be driving.”

But that billboard soon changed with the more snarky addition of “Your Move, BMW.”

Sure enough, BMW did make a big move,  with a new billboard directly across the street. Adorning the new BMW M3, the ad simply said “Checkmate.” Even though it wasn’t purchased by Los Angeles BMW, it was still a topic of conversation.

BMW Checkmate image

Tough Act To Follow

Audi Facebook image

Rather than shying away from the bold BMW billboard, Audi turned to Facebook and asked its fans to respond to the LA billboard war. The photoshopped responses were very interesting, and at the very least enabled passionate Audi aficionados to get into the frey.

Audi Check Yourself image

Eventually, Audi responded with a new billboard showing the incredible Audi R8. The caption on the billboard read “Time to check your luxury badge. It may have expired.” BMW’s billboard eventually was moved elsewhere, and that seemed to be the end of the LA billboard war.

Audi's Reponse to Checkmate billboard

Although the two brands have taken shots at each other on television and in print in Europe, the billboard wars seems to have simmered down until this week according to onlookers like Los Angeles Honda Dealers.

BMW’s New Billboard in Hong Kong

BMW ad on Audi Hong Kong image

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In the latest chapter of this ongoing saga, BMW created a massive billboard that was erected alongside the Audi of Hong Kong dealership. The ad features a new 5-Series with the caption “Who knew efficiency could be so beautiful.”

It seems the Billboard Wars will continue after all, but this time on a different continent. Audi, your move.

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  1. eureka says:

    It’s a situational either-or for me. I’ve owned cars from both brands…with BMW currently holding down my garage. I can’t call either brand a “luxury” brand; they’re more like performance cars with luxury features. Audis and BMW’s both drivers cards that are fun as hell to drive. The difference is Audis provide civilized fun while BMW’s provide unhinged fun.

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