12 Most Dangerous Roads in America

We all take a risk when driving each day, and take the chance of being injured in an automobile accident. But, there are literally deadly roads throughout the country that scream out “highway from hell.”  Yes, that’s right.

Be sure to buckle up and grab some popcorn, while traveling on Interstate 15.  A long stretch through the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Montana.  From the increase in population and commuter traffic,the I-5 has made it a burden for drivers. Well, maybe not a total burden. There’s a lot you can do while your stuck in traffic. First take a few minutes for yourself. Think of what you lack in your life and try to find elgible means to make your life complete. You deserve it. Second, check yourself in the mirror. Do you feel confident? Isn’t this a great day for you or what? Most importantly, check-out the cars and think of it as a free auto show. Don’t get too comfortable!

There’s the next ramp to Interstate 95. Hold your steering wheel with a tight grip from North Carolina to Florida. On this road, you are in for a ride! Full of dangerous potholes, lack of dividers, improper signage, and narrow lanes add to this fun adventure. Don’t tense up! Try to pay attention at all times and you’ll be fired up like an energy drink to travel to Interstate 10.

Take the Interstate 10 through Houston, Texas. Grind your teeth as you drive on the Twin Span bridges that are being rebuilt from Hurricane Katrina.  Are you scared yet? These massive bridges will be restored for the complete finish in 2011. Being Cautious is key. Keep your mind clear of any bad thoughts when driving along the swampy and damaged road.

Step on your brakes. Just like the opening of Interstate 94, people still crowd around to see this site. Traveling from Chicago to Wisconsin, slow down and, if possible, change lanes when approaching police, emergency or construction vehicles displaying flashing warning lights. Much of the wind and snow causes stop-and-go traffic. You may find yourself swerving or skidding off to the side of the road.

Do I go left or right?  State Road 138 is a two-lane highway in southern California. You’ll be faced with a real fork in the road, if you don’t keep your eyes open at all times. As commuters, we come across forks in the road while we are trying to reach our destination.  Some of these can sometimes go unnoticed.

Did you read the sign? Driving on Interstate 5 in California to San Diego has you entertained as the busiest, most well-known, and most important highway.  Interstate 5 has many nicknames, but it’s well known by drivers who are intoxicated.  Surely, you have not joined in this act, right?  Millions of people each day travel the Interstate 5 as part of their daily transportation route.

It’s a long stretch. Take the highway 2 from northern Montana to the Idaho border.  This road is so treacherous that a   local American Legion has placed crosses all along it as reminders for drivers to be vigilant.  Wouldn’t you agree this is a memorable highway to say the least?

Definitely, a highway 17 is a site to see. Beufort County in South Carolina literally takes your breath away. Stay clear of the deer and mountain lions that may appear, while driving along this highway.  With many blind curves, narrow lanes, and sharp turns; no wonder this causes changes in traffic.

U.S. route 19 runs up to the Florida coast, making it a traffic  . If you don’t mind being patient, this is the highway for you. When you have to travel that four-lane section of road, you can learn a few things. For one, try to stay in the right-hand lanes to avoid another car making a left-hand turn across two lanes of oncoming traffic. You also keep one eye on the car in front of yours and one eye on your rearview mirror to make sure you’re not about to get rear-ended.

Good luck on Atlanta’s Interstate 285 at Interstate 85 Interchange. If there is stop and go traffic, you might as well step out of your vehicle and walk to your destination. Your mind might be traveling in circles by then. Mostly, you may have difficulties bypassing those large trucks. Watch out!

Stay clear of people jaywalking. These recklace pedestrians walk across Interstate 30 in Dallas. Drivers hold onto your steering wheels and be sure to step on that break pedal.  It’s not unusual for someone to get out of their vehicle and walk to the nearest telephone, motel, shops, or other bargain stores.

The Classic Route 66 has been the subject of countless movies and songs. It  passes through San Bernardino County in southern California. Often, referenced as the romanticized highway, it represents the long stretch from dirt road to super-highway.

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  1. Dave says:

    HWY 98…aka Bloody 98…in FL between Pensacola and Panama City. If there’s an accident (normally more than one) it’s likely multiple vehicles and because it’s the only road to get anywhere traffic backs up from 5 to 15 miles depending on severity. Also, there’s no plan to fix the road even though the population is exploding.

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